Alexander Wang X H&M coming soooooon!!!

November 6th is getting close!!! This video just got me even more hyped. Who’s tryna cop pieces from Alexander Wang X H&M collaboration?? To see my top picks from the collection check out the blog at the link below!!

Alexander Wang X H&M coming soooooon!!! – Dope Chic Style.


For full post go to the real blog :)  ——–> MOON$HINE – Dope Chic Style.

Hey guys! What a beautiful full moon last night! I havn’t made many oufit posts lately..It’s just been waaayyy to hot in LA lately to wear clothes!! Hopefully it’s going to cool down soon so I can start wearing my boots and jackets! Fall fashion is definitely my favorite. I’m so ready for it! So I did a little fall shopping anyway this week and I got some great pieces. These leather overalls from TopShop are one of my absolute favorite finds. They go great with these leather pointy toe heels from Zara (which I bought in Spain on sale for just 15 Euros, that’s less than 20 bucks!) but they also look fab with Timberlands or sneakers. The overalls can be worn with the straps up or down, I prefer them down like this, I forgot to take a pic with them up but that looks cute too. These ones were a little pricey at $110, but I just saw that Forever 21 have a pair at a fraction of the price HERE. I am a huge fan of long sleeve crop tops like this gray one, they are ideal for LA winters! And they are on sale right now at TopShop ;)

Oh and as you might know by now I am totally obsessed with septum nose rings. This one is just a fake clip since I don’t have a piercing. I wear it alllll the time!! And everywhere I go people are asking me about it lol! I used a whole bunch of these when I worked on a FKA Twigs project recently. Can’t talk any more about it, but can’t waiiit to show u guys the result!

Outfit Details on the blog!!  MOON$HINE – Dope Chic Style.


Rihanna Goes Gray For TUSH Magazine

Ok, we can officially start calling her a High Fashion Model and not just a singer. Rihanna murders yet another magazine cover, this time for the German publication Tush. Looking like an outter-worldy goddess……… READ MORE AND SEE MORE PICS —->Rihanna Goes Gray For TUSH Magazine – Dope Chic Style.



Nose piercings are having a moment in fashion. Whether it’s a simple “side nose stud” à la Tupac or the gothic style septum rings that everyone from Jessica Biel to Rhianna have been donning, the beak is where its at. My fav 90s style icon, Janet Jackson, did it best back in the day! I first noticed this trend re-emerging when I saw Givenchy’s….. READ MORE


No Game$


No Game$ – Dope Chic Style.

Adidas   X   Topshop